Organic And Vegan


The company has achieved a number of certifications confirming the quality of its products. 

Since as far back as 2009 he gets:

  • Certification for the production of PDO "Grottino of Roccanova". subject to the control system of the Potenza Chamber of Commerce.
  • Certification for the production of the PGI, subject to control systems of the Potenza Chamber of Commerce.
  • Certification of organic farming, subject to controls by bodies authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry

In 2018 it demands and obtains:

  • Certification for the production of Vegan wine, with the aim of eliminating any kind of derivative of animal origin and allowing a return to essentiality. 

We produce only genuine, high quality wines, obtained by adopting both vineyard and cellar processes and methods of organic farming.

Organic production is born and developed with the intention of generating high quality products with natural substances and processes, through a responsible use of resources, respecting the environment, human health and protecting biodiversity. 

One of the fundamental principles of organic viticulture is "nourish the soil and not the plant" (IFOAM,2013), i.e. it is the nutrition of the soil, through organic fertilisers and natural agronomic practices, that influences the composition of the grapes and, therefore, the winemaking process. 

A wine can be certified organic if:

  • comes from grapes cultivated without the use of synthetic chemical substances (fertilisers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, pesticides in general) and without the use of genetically modified organisms, as provided for by EC Regulation 834/2007 as amended;
  • Only certified organic processes and oenological products authorised by Regulation EC 203/2012 are used during vinification;
  • is low in sulphites; 

Vegan production

The philosophy of the company is to offer healthy and genuine products, which is why from the 2017 production we have chosen to add a further element of quality to our wine, offering the consumer a product free from animal by-products. Normally, in oenology, animal by-products are used, especially in the clarification and stabilisation phase, such as albumin, animal gelatine, isinglass, casein and bone meal. We have chosen to replace them with natural techniques which, while fulfilling the same function, give our wine an additional added value, as it remains authentic and returns to its essentiality. 

For more information:

Regulation EC 834/2007 as amended.

Regulation EC 203/2012 as amended.

IFOAM EU group 2013, 'EU standards for organic wine production'.

Certificato Bios n° V088

Operatore controllato n°10385