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Our goal is to ensure the quality and health of our grapes, while fully respecting tradition and the environment. That's why we nourish the soil and vines through the use of natural processes and nutrients.


Our wine must reflect the identity of the territory, for this reason we exclusively use grapes from our vineyards. Harvesting is done with traditional methods. The harvesting of the fruit is done by hand and this allows a first selection of the grapes in order to obtain high quality standards of the finished product.

Il vino a tavola Cantine De Biase


We want to bring to the table a good wine, which is an expression of the land from which it comes, which has the taste of passion and work in the fields, which smells of the pungent sun of a past summer.

Uve rosse cantine de biase

Our red wines are obtained from black grapes that give the wine an intense ruby red color and a characteristic tannic taste. The types of vines present in our vineyard range from Sangiovese, in prevalent measure (minimum 60%) to the autochthonous vine Malvasia nera di Basilicata.

Other allochthonous vines: Cabernet Sauvignon and Montepulciano. 

The cultivation of vines is simple espalier, not irrigated.

Malvasia bianca of Basilicata, an autochthonous aromatic grape having a pruinose skin and a green-yellow color, is the most common white berried variety in our vineyards (about 90%). The wine obtained has a light straw yellow color. Soft and velvety to the palate. Other allochthonous grapes: Sauvignon bianco. The cultivation of vines is simple espalier not irrigated. 

Uve bianche cantine de biase

The passion for wine has always accompanied our family, in the memories of the peasant world at the time of our grandparents when the harvest was a time of conviviality and sharing. But the fascination of harvesting knows no time, it is a ritual that never fades. That's why the philosophy of the company is to propose a wine that combines the elements of winemaking tradition and innovation in the methods of cultivation and production. The high characteristics of the product are guaranteed by the continuous research of higher quality standards that give pleasure even to the most refined palates. We are first of all consumers and in our daily choices we always choose quality.

Grottino di Roccanova


The quality of our product and the link with the territory is reinforced by obtaining the recognition of PDO "Grottino of Roccanova". The production area includes the territories of Roccanova, Castronuovo di Sant'Andrea and Sant'Arcangelo, in the province of Potenza.

Basilicata IGT cantine de biase


The cultivation of vine in Basilicata has ancient origins, in fact it dates back to the ancient peoples of Enotri and Lucani. Enotria was so called because of its strong vocation for viticulture. Today, the exceptional quality of the wine produced is attested by the recognition "IGT Basilicata" which includes the territory of the entire region. Our wines derive entirely from grapes of our own production.


We have adopted a system based on the regulation of organic farming. Our wines are the synthesis of the microclimate, the territory and the style of cultivation of each vintage.


We have chosen to replace animal by-products with vegetable ingredients and natural techniques to ensure our wine returns to its authenticity.

Scopri i nostri prodotti. Troverai solo vini di nostra produzione, certificati biologici e vegani. 


The Company


De Biase winery was established in 2009 and it is located in the city of Castronuovo di Sant'Andrea, in the hinterland of Pollino National Park. Vineyards are located among the arid and hilly lands of southern of southern Lucania, at the border of the Park.


Here, the sun, the air and the land produce fine wines of high quality: it is the circumscribed area of "Grottino di Roccanova" with protected denomination of origin. The winery is family owned and operated and its main activity is the cultivation of vineyards and wine making.


The quality of its products is guaranteed both by obtaining the recognition of PDO and PGI marks and by adopting a system based on the regulation of Organic Farming, as certified by the control body MIPA AF IT BIOS 005 controlled operator ZB 59; therefore, in full respect of the environment only natural products are used both for the cultivation of vineyards and for wine making and as well as for the vinification and bottling of wines.


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